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Wood group

Lab administration

Prof. Robert Wood (PI)
Hetchen Ehrenfeld (Lab Administrator)
Michael Smith (Lab Manager)

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Dan Aukes
Dr. Sawyer Fuller
Dr. Nick Gravish (joint with S. Combes)
Dr. Noah Jafferis
Dr. Jesung Koh
Dr. Tommaso Ranzani (joint with C. Walsh)
Dr. Sheila Russo (joint with C. Walsh)
Dr. Ranjana Sahai
Dr. Mike Wehner

Graduate students

Nick Bartlett (G2)
Avci Bartu (visiting student)
Kaitlyn Becker (G1)
Kevin Chen (G3)
Pakpong Chirarattananon (G5)
Neel Doshi (G2)
Mishu Dudata (G1, joint with D. Clarke)
Pierre-Emile Duhamel (G5)
Sam Felton (G4)
Ben Goldberg (G3)
Moritz Graule (visiting student)
Elizabeth Helbling (G3)
Kevin Ma (G5)
Martin Nisser (visiting student)
Geoffroy le Pivain (visiting student)
Michelle Rosen (G3)
Zhi Ern Teoh (G4)
Peter York (G1, joint with C. Walsh)

Wyss Institute Research Staff

Zivthan Dubrovsky (Wyss Bioinspired Robotics Lead ATT)
Dr. Kevin Galloway (Wyss ATT)
Dr. Mike Karpelson (Wyss ATT)
Pierre-Marie Meyitang
Mike Mogenson
Ruth Peña Velasco
Daniel Vogt

Undergraduate students

Carter Ithier
Ronit Malka
Brian Shin
Yankang Yang
Jack Zhou



Dr. Andy Baisch (Vibrant Research LLC), PhD 2013
Prof. Katie Byl (Electrical Engineering, U.C. Santa Barbara)
Prof. Kyujin Cho (Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University)
Prof. Andres Concha (Adolfo Ibanez University)
Prof. Alexis Lussier Desbiens (Mechanical Engineering, Université de Sherbrooke)
Prof. Frank Hammond III (Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech)
Prof. Sangbae Kim (Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
Dr. Ben Finio, PhD 2012 (Science Buddies)
Dr. Nick Hoff (joint with R. Nagpal), PhD 2011
Dr. Katie Hoffman (Agilent), PhD 2013
Dr. Michael Karpelson, PhD 2011 (Wyss Institute)
Prof. Mirko Kovac (Aeronautics, Imperial College London)
Prof. Rebecca Kramer, PhD 2012 (Mechanical Engineering, Purdue)
Prof. Carmel Majidi (Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)
Prof. Yigit Menguc (Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University)
Prof. Onur Ozcan (Mechanical Engineering, Bilkent University)
Prof. Jamie Paik (Mechanical Engineering, EPFL)
Prof. Yong-Lae Park (Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)
Prof. Nestor Perez-Arancibia (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, USC)
Dr. Pratheev Sreetharan, PhD 2012 (founder and CTO, Vibrant Research LLC)
Prof. Hiroto Tanaka (Chiba University)
Prof. Mike Tolley (Mechanical Engineering, U.C. San Diego)
Prof. Eduardo Torres-Jara (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Dr. Peter Whitney, PhD 2012 (postdoc, Disney Research, Pittsburgh)
Dr. Mark Woodward, PhD 2012
Prof. Sang-Hee Yoon (Mechanical Engineering, Inha University)
Elliot Hawkes (Stanford University)
Jess Shang (Princeton University)


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