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Open research positions

Postdoctoral researchers

The Harvard Microrobotics Lab is not currently seeking postdoctoral reseasrchers. However, exceptional candidates seeking external fellowships are welcome to contact Prof. Wood to discuss opportunities. Example postdoctoral fellowships include the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships in Biology, the Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, and the James S. McDonnell Fellowship in Complex Systems.

Graduate student researchers

The Harvard Microrobotics Lab will likely seek 1-2 exceptionally qualified graduate students for the upcoming adminssions cycle (Fall 2016 incoming class).

Undergraduate research opportunities

We welcome Harvard undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of mechanical design, circuit design, microfabrication, fluid mechanics, and controls. Please note that we generally discourage short term projects (single semester) since there is a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our research programs. Harvard students interested in long-term (one year or more) intensive research projects are encouraged to contact Prof. Wood.


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